PVC Calendered Films / Sheets

PVC raw material along with other additives are processed into films & sheets using machinery of globally recognized standards. Our Calendar machine of the latest technology ensures high clarity and uniform thickness with no black particles and minimal shrinkage. Formulations of these are maintained keeping in mind the end use application. The raw materials and additives are procured from internationally reputed suppliers and are further tested in our laboratory for quality assurance. Our end product is tested and approved for non-toxicity by recognized labs.

Trays for Food Packing

We also manufacture PVC trays for the confectionery, bakery and frozen food industries. Our products are regularly checked for assurance of non-toxicity & certificates for the same are presented on request. Apart from our large variety of moulds, we develop custom made moulds in a minimum span of time. Special process like fumigation and others are followed before dispatch to ensure there is no contamination.

PVC Articles & Blisters

High transparency & gloss enhance the end product presentation on shelf at retail outlets. The visual image of the product is seen by the end consumer without opening the packing. Our films are processed with very accurate and standardized measures so as to attain consistent transparency, gloss & thickness control. The moulds are duly CNC made and diamond polished to maintain the glass like clarity even after the blister formation.